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Maz is a multidisciplinary practitioner who works primarily with divination, ritual, herbalism, and astrology. Her offerings support people in thriving through transformations that lead to the embodiment of soul-level authenticity. 



D I V I N A T I O N    B O A R D   R E A D I N G S



Are you ready to dive into deeper alignment with yourself? Looking for clarity in a specific situation in your life, desiring guidance on how to manifest a certain dream or vision, want to clear energetic blockages that are holding you back?  This technology can be used for all of this and so much more.

This specific technique of divination was channeled through Isis Indriya and weaves together Egyptian cosmology, Hermetic Qabalah, astrology as a gateway for oracular consciousness. Readings will provide you with a comprehensive & multifaceted insight into your inquiry. 

Readings always reveal rituals, offerings, or practices for you to work to manifest the life you desire.

Maz has been working with this board since its manifestation in 2017 and is honoured to share this profound form of guidance with you now. 

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Navigating chronic health issues is what led Maz to the path of herbalism. She has managed to transform patterns doctors told her she never would. Somewhere along her healing journey she came across microdosing as an amazing tool for helping her shift her mindset towards living life in a healthier and more magical ways. 
Work with Maz to make the most of your microdosing journey. 
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