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Divination Readings
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 "Divination is an ancient practice of receiving information by interpreting omens, signs, symbols, and images through the use of various technologies." - Isis Indriya . The practice of divination is very dear to Maz who has been using it as a tool for a long time to support her own healing journey.  While very well acquainted with the ancient system of the Tarot, she is currently offering divination board readings. 

Whats a divination board?! This specific technique of divination was brought through Isis Indriya, who has been working closely with the Oracle since 2004. The board itself weaves Egyptian qabalah & cosmology, astrology, the elements and new archetypes together providing the querent with a comprehensive & multifaceted insight into their inquiry. Operating between multiple planes and timelines, these readings can reveal rituals for healing, soul contracts and more.  Maz has been working with this board since its manifestation into the physical in 2017 and is honored to share this profound form of guidance with you now. 

With a deep connection to plant medicine innate to her practice,  these readings often include optional herbal remedies that can be used to support the specific healing process revealed. Readings are typically one hour.


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