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Are you ready to dive into deeper alignment with yourself? Looking for clarity in a specific situation in your life, or desiring guidance on how to manifest a certain dream or vision?  I use a set of divination boards to support you to find clarity on your path moving forward. 

This specific technique of divination was channeled through Isis Indriya and weaves together Egyptian Qabalah & cosmology, astrology and other archetypal wisdom. Readings will provide you with a comprehensive & multifaceted insight into your inquiry. While you may not have a specific "question" if you will, the more clear and specific your intention is, the more clear and specific your reading will be. 

Operating between multiple planes and timelines, these readings can shine information into your purpose work, relationships, ancestral healing, soul contracts and more. They can also be used to "un-spell," or clear contracts that are no longer useful for you.  My divination readings are useful for getting to the root of blockages so they can be cleared. I have been working with this board since its manifestation in 2017 and am honoured to share this profound form of guidance with you now. 

Divination is an ancient technology that has deeper roots than predicting the future. Originally it was used to understand how to nourish the web of life through specific offering formulas. When we are in a reciprocal relationship with the vital force of creation our soul naturally aligns and manifests its highest purpose for this life. Divination was also used historically in ancient societies, like that of Greece, to provide political leaders and other influential figures with guidance on how to lead the people.

Each reading is unique but always revealing personal rituals facilitate greater alignment with your highest calling. As the saying goes, "where attention flows, energy goes".  When we perform ritual and make offerings, we naturally focus our awareness and altar the course of manifestation. 

With a deep connection to plant medicine,  these readings often include optional herbal remedies, offerings and allies that can be used to support the specific healing process revealed. 

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If you absolutely feel called to this work but are in a place of being challenged financially, please do not hesitate to reach out and we can likely work something out.