Zoom Divination & Astrology with Maz: Reviews

Divination & Astrology with Maz: Reviews


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Divination & Astrology with Maz: Reviews


Customer Reviews

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Great astrology reading!

I learnt a lot from Maz. She had great knowledge and understood how different elements of my chart worked in a lot of depth. Would 100% recommend to anyone thinking about it!

Rhea James
Honestly amazing!

Wow! Maz's reading - and incredible skills and gifts - was amazing and so much more than what I initially thought it might be. I felt I learnt more about myself, including things I knew but also some I didn't, than I did in like three years of therapy. I left feeling seen, understood, validated and empowered. I highly recommend Maz and have already been recommending her to my friends and I hope to see her again.

So insightful

I loved learning different perspectives from Maz! Things that I saw as "negative" she was able to help me make sense of and really understand how I can work with the astrology to maximize my potential in career and life!!

Hayley Rose
Highly Recommend

I enjoyed my mini natal chart reading from Maz where she delivered insights that have been impactful to incorporate into my perspective of self. Some of the pieces she spoke of clicked in a way I hadn't quite managed to get from any previous astrological research. I always enjoy how Maz uses language to shape the feeling behind her wisdom. It's magical to receive multiple sources of guidance picking up on the same cosmic prints - the parts of purpose work she outlined aligned like this. I look forward to more readings from Maz - thank you!!

Eddy Kaljic
Intuitive and present!

I really enjoyed my astro reading with Maz. She said some poignant things which I'd been thinking about for some time and it was very intuitive in the way she moved through her words. Gave me goosebumps! It's like she has a 6th sense. What I really love also is her presence in hearing out what your intentions are and emotions. And then from there, finding the thread in the chart to tie it back together. This was by far the best astro reading I ever got and I recommend Maz for anyone who needs more clarity into the subconscious dynamics occurring in their life and how to work with the transits!