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Clinical Herbal Consultation

with Laura (They/Them)

Consultations are done with our resident Medical Herbalist, Laura. They have a diploma of phytotherapy from Pacific Rim College and over 7 years of clinical experience. Laura uses herbalism in the treatment & prevention of disease; their goal is to awaken the vitality and healing potential within each individual. Laura's approach has a foundation of scientific methodology, and they bring in psychospiritual aspects for a very holistic approach. 

There is a herb for every ailment... but Laura's practice is primarily focused on mental health, depression, anxiety, ADHD, digestion, antibiotic recovery, food sensitivities, and hormone balancing. They have a special interest in gender inclusive period care & helping people heal from painful periods. 


*Consultations are done online*

*Formulas are available for pickup, or they can be shipped to you*




Initial consultations are typically 60-90 minutes long. Going over your main health concerns and a detailed history of your personal and family health. The consultation is concluded with custom herbal formulations; this can be in the form of tincture, tea, capsules, salves, or preparations you can make at home. You will also receive diet and lifestyle advice during the consultation. The result is a plan and prescription to bring your body into balance and address your health concerns holistically. Follow up sessions are anywhere from 1hr to 15 mins. Typically patients require a few follow ups, and see the best results with consistent use of herbal formulas. 

If you have specific questions about a condition or health problem, or are wondering if herbal medicine would be helpful, please email Laura directly.


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Package Deals
To get the most out of herbal medicine it is best to be consistent, get a sweet discount with these packages. Feel your most confident radiant self, because you deserve it! All consultations are booked within your ideal time frame and never expire. 

First Time Package: $350
90 min initial intake, 2 follow up consultations (60 mins) & 250ml Formula
New to herbal medicine and want to see just how potent this practice is? Consistency is key and this package is perfect for those beginning the journey. The 250ml tincture will last you 1 full month. 

5 Consultation Bundle: $550
90 min initial intake, 4 follow up consultations  (60 mins)  250ml Formula
Do you have multiple health concerns? This package is best for those who have a couple issues to work on; and want a very well rounded integrated healing experience 

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