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House of Origins

To align with the current season, we've compiled some mini-monographs for all the herbs in our Dream Potion and Knockout formulas! Sinking into these Piscean waters through the doorway of the subconscious; we tap into the subtle realms of dreams, the arts & all oracular ways of knowing in order to receive vision and clarity for how to manifest our highest potential.

Nettle Monograph

House of Origins

Nettle is the ultimate nutritive tonic. Mineral rich with silica and iron, also packed with vitamin C and flavonoids to help absorption of  minerals. As a tonic herb, this tincture is appropriate for consistent daily use. Nettles are particularly indicated for chronic skin conditions, hay-fever, seasonal allergies, mood stability, detoxification and stiff joints. We also have a delicious nettle hummus recipe for you!

Hawthorn Monograph

House of Origins

Thorny guardian of
underworld’s gate
Keeper of the unseen
Connected to messengers who act on behalf of those passed
from this world to the next:
Like dried things, bone things,  fossilized things
and fallen feather things

Elderberry Monograph

House of Origins

Elderberry Monograph
Powerful anti-viral and respiratory herb. An essential to the herbalists home apothecary. Especially useful for seasonal cold/flus and safe for kids!

Osha Monograph

House of Origins

Osha Monograph


With a certain spice and mild sting

Helping a bodies voice to sing

Alpine strength

Coaxes wildness from within

Rooted to the heavens

Rooting to rise

I am the mountain’s medicine