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Mystic Medicine Making Immersion 

JUNE 16 - 19 | Roberts Creek, BC

Join us in person for a magical campout with other herb nerds. In these three days of remembrance you will gain theoretical & practical experience in our esoteric style of herbalism, go home with four herbal preparations, and a deeper connection to the sentience of the planet and healing powers of the stars. 

In person event. Space is limited.

Zodiacal Herbalism : CANCER 

Tuesday June 20th : 5-7pm PST 
Online : Class Series
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Zodiacal Herbalism : LEO

Online : Class Series


Ambrosia : Retreat with the Food of the Gods

Pyrenees Mountains, South France

August 28 - September 4th, 2023 


This is a journey for the wombweavers: 

Join us in the South of France for a pilgrimage into the heart of the feminine mysteries. We will gather in the Pyrenees Mountains which are home to ancient sacred sites connected to Mary Magdalene


Ambrosia is an opportunity for you to imbibe in the nectar of all that it means to have a female form. In this journey of initiation into the you will be held in sacred space; guided by healing lands, the wisdom of the blood mysteries, and the sacred earth medicines.

Each day will be filled with opportunities to cultivate rich communication with the intelligence of your body through yoga, movement, and education. Through classes, conversations and connections we will weave the mycelial womb web and uncover the power of pleasure, play and intimacy with the web of life.

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