ūüúā ūüúĀ ūüúĄ ūüúÉ

 With our deepest gratitude we thank and acknowledge the incredible gift it is to have our apothecary based on the traditional homelands of the Shishá7lh (Sechelt) Nation.

We are on stolen land.

It is a deep honour to call these lands home, and be able to share the wisdom and medicine of its plants and fungi with you.


You are your own healer & we are devoted to your empowerment. Through our collection of handcrafted botanical preparations, holistic consultation services, wellness programs and classes, we offer tools to support your cultivation of bodily autonomy and self-sovereignty.  The road to healing is not always straight forward which is why we have a broad range of offerings to nourish the many layers of your being; mind, body, heart, and spirit. 


As non-binary and gender fluid practitioners House of Origins Apothecary prioritizes gender inclusivity and our aim is to create radically inclusive spaces and offerings. 


All our botanical preparations have as their base either wildcrafted or organic ingredients and are made under the influence of astrology, alchemy and cosmological alignment. When we harvest the plants ourselves we do so with the utmost care and with intention and prayer. It is through this dedication to mindfulness that we are able to maintain open communication with our allies in the plant and fungal realms. In honour of our bodies and from the deep respect we have for the earth which houses us so generously, our preparations are created for you from 100% natural ingredients.  

House of Origins is based in the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Our workings are inspired by the intelligence of the forests, mountains and waters that surround us and it is our relationship with the natural world that guides our craft. There is an innate wisdom wrapped in the foliage of the earth;  in all botanicals is an essence with the power to heal, to restore vitality and to bring us home to ourselves.

Our commitment to handcrafting high quality herbal preparations is one of our contributions to strengthening the bridge between our communities and the intelligence of the holy wild. To align more deeply with the cycles of nature, you’ll notice we have seasonal offerings based on the synergy of these cosmological and earthly cycles. By weaving the wisdom of both ancient and modern herbal traditions, we offer remedies as tools for people to activate their vitality and find their place in the web of life.


In reverence,
Laura and Maz



(They / Them)

Laura is a non-binary Medical Herbalist with a diploma from Pacific Rim College. They have been practicing herbalism for over 7 years. The journey began through a need to be connected to the natural world, a journey to heal and be self sufficient in nature. They felt a deep sense of not fitting into society's mold and struggled with mental health, leading them to the plant path. Now they focus on deepening their alchemical studies, seeing 1:1 clients, demystifying queerness and of course making weird art!.

Their practice merges western medicine and traditional methods; including scientific and spiritual practices.  Full healing comes from an integration of different practices, and working on multiple planes of each individual. . Their approach is holistic, treating and teaching people about the mind-body-spirit connection. Their philosophy is to help people heal themselves, and activate the innate healing potential within each of us.

They have a strong interest in treating mental health, digestion and gender inclusive womb / menstrual care,  however all conditions are welcome… there’s a plant for literally everything! 

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( She / Them ) 

There is a wild side to all of us. It is an innate wisdom woven through all living things. In the fast-paced and technologically centered world it can be easy to lose sight of this wisdom and the knowledge that we too are beings of nature and the wild. Enthralled by intelligence of plants, planets and stars, Maz is dedicated to weaving deeper relationships between humans, their souls, the earth, and the cosmos.

With a double major in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from the University of Victoria that focused mostly on ethnobotany, Maz was able to see the broader context of how herbalism fits into culture today. Her studies in herbalism truly began  with her own healing by giving up on mainstream western-trained allopathic medical doctors and taking matters into her own hands to heal her chronic eczema. After studying restoration ecology, she became committed to the belief that these bodies, like landscapes, are built to regenerate and that it is our birthright to be healthy.  Her own formulas have since been cornerstones in her healing.  Her healing journey with her skin led her to a holistic understanding of health, wherein we must address all layers of the self, not just the body, which is why she offers oracular consultations for those looking for guidance from beyond the physical. 

Other than her first hand experience learning from her own body and the landscapes she is constantly immersed in, she has worked with several mentors and has completed the Alchemical Herbalism training through the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Maz has also been studying esoteric sciences including tarot, astrology and ritual technologies for 10+ years and is delighted to have a practice through which to share her gift as a spiritual guide.

Want see between the worlds and receive deeper insight into your life and how to align more deeply with your soulwork? Click Here to book a reading with Maz.