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House of Origins recognizes the virtue of integrity and hand-crafts high quality herbal preparations as a contribution to strengthening the bridge between our community and the intelligence of the wild.

Through our products and consultation services we are here to support your journey to body-autonomy and self-sovereignty.

At House of Origins, gender inclusivity is a big priority and our aim is to create radically inclusive magical spaces and offerings. 

Journal of Magical & Herbal Insights

Recipes, Top Health Tips, Mysticism & Our Herbal Secrets

Milky Oat - Milk of the Moon

Latin name:  Avena sativa   Common name(s): Milky Oat, Oat Straw  Plant family: Poaceae (grass family)        Plant Type: Grass   Planetary Association: Milky Oat is ruled by the Moon...

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Cleavers Monograph

Cleavers gets its signature from the velcro like nature the leaves have, often sticking to you as you walk by. Cleavers shows up in the spring to help us move...

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