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House of Origins recognizes the virtue of integrity and hand-crafts high quality herbal preparations as a contribution to strengthening the bridge between our community and the intelligence of the wild.

Through our products and consultation services we are here to support your journey to body-autonomy and self-sovereignty.

At House of Origins, gender inclusivity is a big priority and our aim is to create radically inclusive magical spaces and offerings. 

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Journal of Magical & Herbal Insights

Recipes, Top Health Tips, Mysticism & Our Herbal Secrets

Yarrow ☤ The Wounded Healer

Yarrow Monograph Latin name:  Achillea millefolium    Common name(s): Yarrow, Staunchgrass, Soldier's wort, Millefoil, Bloodwort    Plant family: Asteraceae (Composite / Daisy family)   Plant Type: Perennial herb                     Habitat: Western...

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Pisces In Astrology & Herbalism

Astrological Blueprint Planetary Ruler: Jupiter (traditional) / Neptune (modern) Mode: Mutable Element: Water   Watch the replay of the zodiacal apothecary Pisces session here!   Get access to all 12 signs...

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