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Through this 5 week guided microdosing transformation you will strengthen your body, experience a rich sense of self sovereignty and cultivate tools to embody deeper levels of authenticity and success. Totally transform your life & your habits by becoming your best self.

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Are you a seeking tools to harmonize your life with the natural flow and laws of the universe? Looking for an earth-based and holistic approach to health? Curious about how you can take your soul-work to the next level?

I have had the privilege of having two oracle sessions with Maz. With the guidance of the Oracle, Maz helped me uncover where I need help clearing energies, where I am thriving, and what the future may hold if I shift my attentions. I always feel safe and loved in her care during and after readings. Maz acts like a bridge between worlds. My path became much clearer to me with her assistance. Somethings I didn't per say want to hear, but know that I needed too came up. But with the knowledge, comes the power. highly recommend her services, and hope they illuminate your life like they have mine.

Yadira @angelroze108

It was such a delight to have Laura advice me in a time of great confusion with my health. I had a skin condition that came from tearing stress and it made me self-conscious. To have her reassure me and give me functional advise boosted my confidence and aided my journey greatly. Her consistent studying comes through with ease and that made it easy to listen and learn from her.

Mariana Sagrario

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House of Origins recognizes the virtue of integrity and hand-crafts high quality herbal preparations as a contribution to strengthening the bridge between our community and the intelligence of the wild.

Through our products and consultation services we are here to support your journey to body-autonomy and self-sovereignty.

At House of Origins, gender inclusivity is a big priority and our aim is to create radically inclusive magical spaces and offerings. 

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