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Are you a seeking tools to harmonize your life with the natural flow and laws of the nature? Looking for an earth-based and holistic approach to health and queer conscious practitioners? Curious about how you can take your soul-work to the next level?

What our clients are saying our 1:1 consultations...

Working with Maz

"I'm speechless, the session was incredible. Everything Maz shared was so on point and deeply reflected my inner truths of past, present and future. There were so many elements to the entire reading, each time I was mind blown by the resonance of her words, making me more excited to hear what was next. The whole session was a beautiful experience, from calling in the directions, deeply listening, being receptive, and gaining insights. Maz was awesome, as always, with her wisdom and presence. It's truly a beautiful space to share with her. I'm definitely looking forward to more sessions in the future!"

-Bria Herrington

Working with Laura

"My health has always been really personal for me, and I felt very safe opening up to Laura about all the facets of my physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. It all seemed to relate back to how my body was processing my experiences, and what needed support. Laura was caring, grounded, and present with me, helping me really get at the root problems of things, and championing me on in my herbal growth. They wanted to know how the different formulas worked with my body, mind, and spirit. We targeted issues of emotional and spiritual overwhelm, disassociation, building the blood, protection, and grief. Laura's herbal knowledge was in depth; whenever I had a question about something, I could be sure that my question would be met. I would recommend them to anyone. They are incredibly thorough, kind, and helpful."

-Heidi Nagtegaal

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House of Origins recognizes the virtue of integrity and hand-crafts high quality herbal preparations as a contribution to strengthening the bridge between our community and the intelligence of the wild.

Through our products and consultation services we are here to support your journey to body-autonomy and self-sovereignty.

At House of Origins, gender inclusivity is a big priority and our aim is to create radically inclusive magical spaces and offerings. 

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