Pisces In Astrology & Herbalism

Astrological Blueprint

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter (traditional) / Neptune (modern)

Mode: Mutable

Element: Water


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 Pisces is a mutable water sign, meaning it has the most "watery" quality of all the water signs of the zodiac. Pisces is an idealist by nature, they are a dreamer and hopeless romantic; here to provide a dreamy optimism to the world. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces has a robust way of viewing the world, they are able to see the big picture. Because of the mutable quality, and its position on the zodiac wheel; Pisces helps us with transitions. From one phase to the next, or one life to another. There is an imaginative and dreamy quality to this sign that helps us bring our manifestations to life. Remember a crucial aspect to manifestation is imagination; we have to be able to vision something before it can take form. 

People who have a lot of piscean energy in their chart have an adeptness for spirituality and psychic abilities. Their watery nature enables them to quite literally pick up on the "vibes" of the person or situation. Water is the universal conductor and carrier of vibration; taking on the shape of its container. Don't forget, everyone has all 12 signs in their chart, even if you don't have a planet in that sign. Look to the house that Pisces occupies to see where you have elevated intuitive abilities. 


In the body

Pisces is related to the lymphatic system, the feet and the aura. The lymphatic system is one of the fluid waters of the body, helping us with drainage, fat transport and immunity. Specifically assisting us with moving metabolic wastes out of the body and transporting vital immune cells. We have concentrations of lymphatic tissue near openings of the body; places where the outside world comes into contact with the inside world: mouth / throat, digestive system, pelvis. Our lymphatic system provides protection and houses the vital immune cells in areas where pathogens are the most likely to enter the body. 

The glyph of Pisces looks like a toroidal field, also similar to the electromagnetic field of the heart. For this reason Pisces is associated with our aura and the feeling nature of humans. The torus also connects feet to head; physically representing the transition from Pisces (the feet) to Aries (the head). 


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Herbal Actions

A lot of the herbs and herbal actions that fall under the sign of Capricorn have to do with the musculoskeletal system. Having to do with nutritive mineral content or modulating inflammation that can occur in the joints as we age. 

Actions Indicated:

Adaptogen, Astringent, Circulatory Stimulant, Diuretic,  Lymphatic / lymphagogue, Immune Tonic, Immune Stimulant, Oneirogen  

Herbal Allies

Echinacea - Echinacea angustifolia & E. Purpurea 


This plant is famous for colds and flus, and while it does help with those conditions; it's real power lies as an antimicrobial and immune modulator. We primarily use this herb for infections, especially chronic ones. If you have ever had the tincture or tea, you have felt the tingling effect this plant produces. That is  one of the mechanisms Echinacea has that causes and antimicrobial action. As an immune modulator, this plant is useful for fortifying the immune system and building up the valuable immune cells of the body (who live in the lymphatic system!). If you have an autoimmune condition use this plant mindfully, because it has immunostimulating qualities it can aggravate autoimmune conditions. This action does make Echinacea a great addition to a protocol for someone undergoing chemotherapy, helping them recover faster and preventing the person from getting sick while they are undergoing treatment. 

  • Energetics: Pungent, salty, cool, dry, calming, stimulating, diffusive 


Red root - Ceanothus spp. 

A lesser known remedy for the lymphatic system, Red root is stronger than Cleavers, but not as strong as Poke Root. As the name says, this plant has a red coloured root; alluding to its circulatory stimulating qualities. This remedy is considered a lymphatic tonic with an affinity to the respiratory tract. Useful for tonsillitis, colds, flus, and bronchitis. Red root helps the body clear stagnant fluids, specifically in the interstitial area. This is the fluid filled space between the cells of the body; a very very fine area that is prone to accumulating metabolic wastes and byproducts. With an astringent action, Red root will cleanse the fluids while tightening and toning the tissues; preventing the future buildup of mucus and stagnation.  

Blue Lotus - Nymphaea caerulea 

Blue lotus may be one of the most closely associated plants to Pisces, it is very sympathetic (alike) to the sign. Having a cooling effect on the body, this bitter remedy helps the physical body relax while potently stimulating the mental and creative aspects of the human psyche. We call this plant a gateway entheogen, it is euphoric, aphrodisiac, nervine and oh so dreamy. Blue Lotus helps us open our intuitive faculties, do divination work and created vivid dreams. The constituents responsible for these effects are the alkaloids of nucifrene and apomorphine, Nuciferine acts on the dopamine receptors, inhibiting their function and prolonging the effect of dopamine in the system. Apomorphine acts on the serotonin receptors giving us the euphoric and aphrodisiac qualities. 

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Golden Teacher - Psilocybe cubensis 

Many plants associated with Jupiter and Pisces are entheogenic or mind altering. This means we dabble in the real of psychedelics in this season! There is a common theme between the Blue Lotus and the Psilocybe mushroom; they both have a quality of bringing the underworld to the light. Like the Lotus sprouts from the mud; the mushroom creates the fruiting body from decomposing matter. This process of creating life from death is in alignment of what this mushroom can do for us. Mushrooms allow us to feel connected to the all, the universal energies, the psychedelic nature of life. They help us transform and transcend the physical body into the realm of limitlessness. Whether you choose a micro dose or macro dose, these fungal allies help attune you to the wisdom of the unseen and other realms. Nowadays most people are using microdosing for anxiety, depression, performance enhancement and divination. 

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Ritual Herbs

  • White Lotus
  • Yarrow
  • Sage (please source responsibly)


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