The Vessel


A deep dive into the cycle and how to care for each phase. We will learn about the fertility awareness method of birth control. Clinical techniques and mapping strategies. 


Using clinical herbalism, astrology and medicinal preparations custom to you. We will address the root cause of hormone imbalance and menstrual disorders. 


Tapping into the mystic power cyclical beings hold. Mapping the body with the moon and attuning to cosmological cycles. 


A three month journey into healing period pain and ritualizing the cycle. Using Cycle tracking, medical herbalism and hermetic ritual. This is about addressing the root cause of imbalance and living with full vitality


Whats Included..... 

The Package of being fully held 

✧Cycle tracking workshop & how to use the fertility awareness method.
✧4 1:1 sessions -medical herbalism & custom ritual
✧3 Tarot Readings- one at the beginning of each cycle
✧Custom herbal formula with each 1:1 session. Herbal formulation will be based on your initial intake and astrological chart

Price includes Herbal Formulas & Shipping - Its all inclusive baby!

Valued at over $1000, but I am offering it for $800 for the first three people that sign up

payment plans available. You will be contacted with payment information upon booking.