Dear Seeker,

Are you a seeking tools to harmonize your life with the natural flow and laws of the universe? A Practitioner that values the sacredness of the healing journey?

Are you looking for guidance for how to heal yourself? Holistic approaches that weave mind, body and spirit together with natural remedies?

Have you reached a dead end with medical professionals, or felt overwhelmed by the natural health information out there? 
Curious to connect to live an enchanted life through explorations of nature, mysticism and esoteric sacred sciences?

I'm here for you.

The commitment to natural healing is exactly that: it is a commitment and requires alignment of your lifestyle with what suits your body's deepest needs and rhythms. While your issues may resolve, health is constantly evolving and our quest to maintain vitality really is a lifelong journey. 

Aligning myself to the plant path and it's herbal remedies has not only provided me with tremendous healing but also been incredibly empowering because now I feel way more in control of my health.


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C L I N I C A L   H E R B A L I S M  ✦ 
The foundation of Lux's education is in the field of clinical herbalism. They have been studying and practicing for over a decade. Their approach is holistic, you can expect a variety of suggestions from physical to metaphysical during our sessions. 
These consultations are in depth; initial consultations are 60-90 minutes long. Going over your main health concerns and a detailed history of your personal and family health. The consultation is concluded with custom herbal formulations; this can be in the form of tincture, tea, capsules, salves, or preparations you can make at home. You will also receive diet and lifestyle advice during the consultation.  Together you will come up with a treatment plan that is custom tailored to your life.
Custom formulation of herbal medicine is where its most potent effects are felt. Typically the first session is the longest and follow up sessions are shorter. 
Follow up sessions are anywhere from 1hr to 15 mins. Typically patients require a few follow ups, and see the best results with consistent use of herbal formulas.

Package deals and sliding scale available. 
Get 3 sessions and receive $30 off
Get 5 sessions and get a 100ml formula for free

If you have specific questions about a condition or health problem, or are wondering if herbal medicine would be helpful, please email Lux directly.
✦ T H E  V E S S E L ✦ 
This is Laura's signature container. Spend 3 months working 1:1 with a focus on healing period pain and balancing hormones. This is perfect for people wanting to stop hormonal birth control, recover from it and start using the fertility awareness method. This program combines Laura's herbal and ritual backgrounds; and includes 7 sessions total, a combination of clinical herbalism and tarot readings. You will receive custom herbal formulas, personalized ritual and diet / lifestyle recommendations.  
Period pain is not normal. Period. 

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