Capricorn in medical astrology and herbalism

Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Mode: Cardinal

Element: Earth


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Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, meaning it has an energetic initiatory energy to it. This sign has a tinge of fire to it, making it great at beginning projects and having the initial gusto to get things going. As an earth sign we also see strengths in its ability to sustain energy. There is a reason Capricorn has a reputation for being a hard working leader who gets the job done.   

Traditionally represented by the figure that is half mountain goat and half fish. This shows us that Capricorn is not just a simple earth sign, it is able to blend the realms of water and earth. Having one "foot" on land and one"foot" in the sea. Symbolically this represents this signs ability to tap into emotions in a neutral and pragmatic way. 

Some qualities of Capricorn are: dependable, consistent, goal oriented, ambitious, leadership, utilitarian. 

In the body

In the body Capricorn  rules over the structures and support systems of the body. The ruling planet of Saturn is very cold and dry; and is associated with boundaries, discipline and structures. Think of Saturn's outer rings providing boundaries and support to the planet. In the body Capricorn is associated with the bones and the knees. Secondary associations are the skin and teeth. 

We see a deep relationship between the sister signs Cancer and Capricorn presented in the body. Cancer rules the fluids of the body, and the mucous membranes. Our joints depend on moisture and synovial fluid to move. The teeth and surrounded and held by the soft tissue of the gums. In this way we see the necessity of the signs and systems working together to  


Our supportive formula for Capricorn season is Milky Oat tops. We have an alcohol free version of this medicine too!

Herbal Actions

A lot of the herbs and herbal actions that fall under the sign of Capricorn have to do with the musculoskeletal system. Having to do with nutritive mineral content or modulating inflammation that can occur in the joints as we age. 

Actions Indicated:

antispasmodic, anodyne / analgesic, nervine, nutritive tonic, diuretic, circulatory stimulant, alterative, inflammation modulating, astringent, vulnerary, alterative. 

Lots of saturnian plants are poisonous!  

Herbal Allies

Turmeric -Curcuma Longa 

A perfect example of food as medicine! So many of our culinary spices are medicinal in larger doses. Turmeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Some say it even slows the ageing process. We commonly use Turmeric for people who have chronic inflammation based disorders like arthritis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. One lesser known medicinal benefit of Turmeric is its action on the liver; this root increases liver enzyme production. This means it speeds up the function of the liver; aka "detoxing" So this is a wonderful herb to support those who have skin and hormonal issues too. Turmeric is quite warm and heating, making it best suited to those who have a colder constitution. For those with hot constitutions, you are much better suited to cooling liver remedies. 

Boneset -Eupatorium perfoliatum 

A member of the aster family and an important remedy to indigenous people across Turtle Island (North America). When European settlers came to the americas, they called this plant "the new Echinacea". Rightfully so! Boneset is one of the first plants we reach for during colds and flus, helping break a fever and reduce the chills. This plant is famous for its ability to help heal broken bones, assisting them to set in the right place and fuse together. When the bones are broken, they secrete a compound that attracts them back together. Herbalists think that Boneset increases these secretions and speeds up healing. Also useful for the flu like aches and pains that present in opiate and benzodiazepine withdrawal 


Horsetail - Equisetum arvense 

Horsetail is a prehistoric plant that has been on the earth since the time of the dinosaurs. Using spores as a method of reproduction, this plant predates the evolution of vascular plants. Horsetail is known for its high mineral content; primarily silica, magnesium, maganese and vitamin K. This plant if food for the tissues, ligaments, joints and cartilage of the body. Many people use it to condition their hair, or in the bath to moisten the joints. As a diuretic, Horsetail is a great adjuvant in the treatment of UTI's and bladder infections. 


Tremella mushroom - Tremella fuciformis 

 This mushroom is antipathetic to Capricorn and Saturn. One look at the clear jelly like consistency will show you how it is nourishing the the tenancy for Capricorn to get dry and brittle. Primarily used in skin and bone support in TCM. We also see a use for it in TCM as an expectorant for the lungs. Studies have shown that Tremella kills cervical cancer cells and helps protect the body from radiation treatment. 



Ritual Herbs

  • Poppy
  • Belladonna 
  • Copal 

Watch the replay of the zodiacal apothecary Capricorn session here!  

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