Ritual workings are an innate part of House of Origins. At this time it is clear that the planet is undergoing a significant period of transformation. To support the bringing forth of more beauty into the world we have devoted ourselves to these special plants and are overjoyed to be able to make them available to you. Our intention in creating access to these ritual medicines is to support personal and collective psycho-spiritual healing and evolution. 

The ceremonial use of plants is a cross-cultural practice the world over. We are aware that at our current moment in history, many indigenous groups are loosing access to their traditional medicines due to over-harvesting of these sacred plants for commercial use, as well as the theft and development of traditional territories. 

The herbs we selected for this collection have been chosen with great care, and have been procured by us directly during our travels where we were able to support locals of the region, except for the Blue Lotus, which we get from a friend who has close relations to a farm in Thailand. 

Please note all profits of the Cedar will go directly to supporting Unist'ot'en, and that is why we have chosen to include it here.

In light of all this, please note that when it comes to the magical use of plants a little goes a long way. Please use mindfully.