Below are a few of the classes we have and do offer, however our educational material is not limited to these. Our depth of knowledge and understanding is diverse; if you are interested in exploring a certain topic related to the work we do please send us a message through our contact form and we would be happy to discuss a custom class tailed to your educational needs.

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Astral Apothecary 

We spend one third of our life sleeping, what is happening in the body and brain as we sleep and why is this so essential to human health? As herbalists and medicine makers with a deep passion for weaving mysticism and science, we braid the two faculties of thought together to give a holistic understanding of dream time. In this workshop we discuss the physiology of sleep in the nervous system and the brain as well as the spiritual side of sleep: dreams, lucid dreams and astral travel.  You will learn about the different brain waves and states of consciousness, as well as the 7 dimensions of astral travel. We discuss the significance and reasons for developing dream skills, how to integrate them into waking life for personal and collective benefit. Specific techniques are given to develop your dream recall, lucid dreaming and astral travel. Plants are a key element in the work we do with sleep; you will learn about herbs for sleep and dreaming, and when to use them as well as ethical sourcing and how to develop relationships with plant medicines.



5:30 - 6:30pm PST

Free class on zoom



The Art of Aphrodisiacs

Damiana, Cacao, Rose, Shatavari, Oh my! These days there are TONS of herbs marketed for their aphrodisiac effect and we’re here to de-mystify them. The aphrodisiac action actually consists of much more than sexual stimulation. The workshop will cover the anatomy of arousal and libido, the key of relaxation, eros, your constitution and what herbs are best suited for you. We will also discuss on how aphrodisiacs are useful for creativity and inspiration. To give you a somatic experience of the plants we are discussing, we will be offering tincture tastings and short meditations throughout the workshop.


Festival Survival

With many years of festival experience, we know how to work hard, play hard and stay on our A game. Herbal medicine is our key and we’re going to share how we use it to stay thriving in the hectic environment of festival life. This workshop will go over how to use herbs for detox, emotional support and nervous system restoration. We will also discuss herbal energetics, or the more subtle aspects of herbal medicine. To give you a somatic experience of the plants we are discussing, we will be offering tincture tastings throughout the workshop. 


Tools for an Ancient Future: The Elements, Herbalism & Modern Magic

We are of earth, air, water, and fire. These elements are the foundation of everything that makes our lives possible.  This understanding is not new, technologies of relating with the elements are the primeval basis of human culture and have been evolving as long as we have. As herbalists and esoteric nerds, we are passionate about our relationships with the elements and their application in herbalism and modern magic. In this class we will go over the different herbal preparations and how to use them physically and ritually in order to increase, decrease and ultimately find a balance of the elementals within the body and life.  Our exploration will touch on various western traditions such as physiomedicalism, phytotherapy, astrology, alchemy, the tarot, altars, and more! Developing a personal relationship with the elements and their many manifestations can be an incredibly diverse and useful tool for participating in the creation of a vibrant, restorative and sustainable modern culture.

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