Learn to Speak the Language of Plants


Did you ever wonder how your ancestors learnt about plants? Are you curious how our modern herbal library has been formed? 


Learning herbalism can be overwhelming. There are so many plants, so many actions and so much to understand within the body! You may have found yourself wondering how you could ever memorize everything. Thankfully, understanding the wisdom of the plant world doesn’t have to be so complicated. Of course taking time to learn about plants in a scientific way is an essential part to the path of a herbalist, however it is also vital to learn the basic pattern, or language of nature, that is expressed through the plants you are studying. In this way, you are able to see patterns and understand the blueprint of Earth’s energetic makeup. 

You can only learn so much about plants in books, to be a herbalist is to be in intimate relationship with nature.

While plants don’t use words, they are communicating all the time through their morphology, habitat, chemical composition and energetic characteristics. As we begin to attune our perception to their innate expression, corresponding relationships become clear and we begin to understand their intelligence in a whole new way. 

This is an intensive introductory course designed for those seeking to deepen their connection to the plant world, hone their intuition and begin to learn to decode the language of nature by attuning their perception to Gaia’s intelligence. 


“... if you wish, you can shift consciousness itself more directly by directly increasing the apertures of your sensory gates, by opening the doors of perception themselves more widely. You can do this a number of ways, hallucinogens are one of them, meditation is another, and habituation to constantly feeling the touch of the world upon you is another.”

-Stephen Harrod Buhner 



You’re likely wondering


How do I incorporate herbalism & home remedies into my life?


How could I possibly learn everything there is to know about plants?


How do I cultivate my intuition and learn to understand the language of nature?


I’ve always felt spiritual, or like there is something more to life, but how do I access that outside of a religious or “hippy dippy” or “woo-woo” environment?


How do I as an individual make a big impact on the planet and it’s long term health?


I’ve felt imposter syndrome when it comes to embracing herbalism and claiming my connection to the earth. How do I do this in a respectful way that feeds the web of life?


Connection to nature and the development of your intuition is vital to being a part of Earth's ecology as well as your own wellbeing.  Join a community of belonging where herbalism is a way of life. 


Meet the Facilitators 

Laura & Maz are the founders of House of Origins Apothecary, which is based in the west coast of BC. Their workings are inspired by the intelligence of the forests, mountains and waters that surround us and it is our relationship with the natural world that guides our craft. There is an innate wisdom wrapped in the foliage of the earth;  in all botanicals is an essence with the power to heal, to restore vitality and to bring us home to ourselves. 


Laura (they/them) is Medical Herbalist with a diploma from Pacific Rim College. They have been practicing herbalism for over 7 years. Their practice merges western medicine and traditional methods; including scientific and spiritual practices. They have a strong interest in treating mental health, digestion and gender inclusive womb / menstrual care,  however all conditions are welcome… there’s a plant for literally everything! 


Maz (she/her) has always been enthralled by the intelligence of plants, planets and stars, and is dedicated to supporting deeper relationships between humans , the earth and the cosmos. She too has been in a deep study of herbalism for almost 10 years and has learnt much by being in direct communication with the plants themselves. As a practice she offers private divination readings and is deeply immersed in astro-herbalism and the oracular arts. 





Imagine a world where you can walk out your door and be able to pick herbs and remedies from your garden or planter box. Where your kitchen is stocked with preparations you have made yourself; and you feel confident using them. Imagine yourself walking through nature and recognizing the plants, and having conversations with them as you go. 


We are so happy to offer

The Intuitive Herbalism & Plant Communication Series


A 3 class series designed to deepen your relationship with nature. 


Take a dive into plant communication by attuning your intuition to the language of nature.


Learn what preparations to make from specific plants.


Begin to understand how to be in right relationship with nature, how respect and reciprocity are woven into our work as herbalists. 


Develop body autonomy and awareness, so you can use herbs on yourself.


Receive meditative practices and a guide to correspondences.


Discover a deeper sense of place, home and belonging within your environment 



What exactly you'll be learning...


Class 1 : July 12 - 5-7 pm PST

- Harvesting, reciprocity / Offering

 - Intuition & interspecies communication

 - Elements and Morphology 

 - Organoleptics


Class 2 : July 15 - 5-7 pm PST

- Herbal Preparations 

- Doctrine of Signatures

- Language of correspondences


Class 3 : July 16 - 5-6pm PST

- Sharing circle where we get to hear from one another about what we have been learning from our plant allies. This is the kind of thing you can’t find in books and is very powerful!  


Plus! Guided at home study between classes:

- Plant communication meditation

- Journal & Reflection Prompts 

- Blueprint for identifying plant qualities and energetics


By taking this class you will cultivate… 

Deeper relationship with your herbal medicine and the web of life

Place making
Discover a deeper sense of place, home and belonging within your environment 

Preventative health
Learning the language of nature paired with the development of your intuition and awareness in relating to plants will also help you read the signs of your body more easily,  making you more aware so you can take action before things have become exacerbated 

Plant allyship can provide support in processing trauma & gaining self awareness

Tools to stay centered
Meditation and spending time in nature both  are known to reduce stress 

Skillful Communication 
The skills of communication last a lifetime and can open many doors, especially when you are learning to communicate with life itself