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Kinection Elixir


This sweet blend calms the nerves, fortifies the heart, and opens connection with the self and others. Lucious to taste, our Kinection Elixir is grounding to the spirit and assists in creating a sense of comfort within your own expression. 


Ingredients: Rose* (Rosa spp.), Hawthorn* (Crataegus monogyna fol & fruc), Damiana* (Turnera diffusa), Schizandra* (Schisandra chinensis), Licorice* (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Vanilla* (Vanilla planifolia)organic alcohol*, filtered water, love

Amount per container: 50ml

Directions: Take 20-60 drops, either directly under the tongue or in a small amount of water, up to 3 x daily.  Please shake before dosing. Separation and colour variation is normal.


Learn more about the magic of these herbs here


* Organic

° Direct Fairtrade

† Wildcrafted

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Kinection Elixir


Customer Reviews

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Grounding Love in a Bottle

This tincture was actually my first introduction to the power of tinctures. I was blown away by how a small amount grounded my spirit and made me feel both calm and connected to myself, after what was a very overstimulating day. I would say this is my favourite go-to tincture and one I always like to have on hand both for myself and to share with others.


I agree with the other reviews here, this tincture really helps with social anxiety and is especially a nice alternative to drinking or taking other substances

This has helped me with social anxiety

This has been profound in helping with social anxiety, especially on nights out when I dont want to drink.


Makes me feel so connected to my lovers and comfortable with myself. Hella feeling the aphrodisiac quality of this tincture.


This really has helped me feel more open and comfortable sharing myself with others