Zoom Nootropic Transformation Reviews

Nootropic Transformation Reviews


An Investment in your future, health and happiness.



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Nootropic Transformation Reviews


Customer Reviews

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Emily H.
Invest in Yourself

It’s been about a week since I finished my transformation and I’ve slowly been able to process all I learned and experienced. I can’t say I expected this program to be as effective as it is, but the benefits are long lasting!

The process not only helps with a mental transformation but also a physical and spiritual transformation. Working with ancient herbs opened up something within me that I wasn’t necessarily aware of and I enjoyed exploring that aspect the most. I find myself smiling and connecting with those around me on another level and the elixirs that come with the kit helped me reach that next level.

Although I didn’t expect it, I can genuinely say that I have learned about the person I wish to be and I’ve learned new ways of making that happen. If you’re on the fence about taking a chance on this program…. just do it! You will not regret investing in yourself!

Reinier Ramirez
Amazing Experience

The nootropic transformation program has really been a life changing experience.

This program helped me accomplish what feels like years of healing in one month. I’m more in tune with my intuition, and more grounded, thankful, and hopeful than I have been in a very long time.

Maz & Laura were wonderful guides throughout the whole process, very wise and caring and completely non-judgmental. I was very new to the practically all the concepts, but Maz & Laura were there to provide guidance and walk everyone through the entire program. You can tell they both really enjoy what they do and are here to make a difference in people’s lives.

I would recommend to anyone to give this a shot, it was very beneficial to me and if you feel like you need a little bit of guidance or change in your life, this can really help you through that.


The transformation exceeded all of my expectations! It was such a fun month, with deep insights, amazing people, and soo made new codes. As someone who already microdoses and uses ritual/lives by the elements closely, I still had such a profound experience with them! Both people with experience to no experience with these modalities will gain so much wisdom and clarity with Maz & Laura! The container provided the structure I needed to really create meaningful lasting changes. I worked through so much of my subconscious and feel so free, clear, uplifted and aligned in my life & in the simple day to day human things. It was truly so beautiful and hella fun. If you're on the edge, lean in, you deserve it!

Tohni Blower

It’s hard to imagine writing a simple review for this transformational experience! I could talk about this journey for hours! Laura and Maz are wonderful speakers; they are non-judgemental and truly create a safe & magical space. They have wrapped everything they have learned into a wonderful package to share with the world, and it is taught in a way that is easy to understand.

I feel more gratitude than I’ve ever felt in my life. This journey has helped me push forward to learn/teach with more excitement, manifest my dreams into reality and help strengthen/understand my overall health & wellbeing. It has guided me to start living with my depression and taking my core wounds and transmuting them into my gifts. It has helped me wake up in the morning (HUGE for me) and stay grounded, motivated and clear throughout my days. It has taught me to be brave in my dream world and learn from my dreams - instead of being tortured by them. I have learned to slow down, to meditate, to sit with myself and just be - & have learned the power of these simple practices. It has cleared the fog around my intuition; I feel illuminated, joyful and sovereign. I can see every single person benefitting from this offering in more ways than one. It is a true transformation.
If you are feeling called I suggest you embark on this journey - NOW is the time! I am so thankful for giving myself this gift. We are all deserving of this - YOU are worthy. <3

Lyndsay Rowan
feeling connected, creative and more aware!

What a beautiful journey! Maz and Laura created a perfect container to explore ourselves and our connection to the alchemy of nature! Weaving together biology, neuroscience, mythology, spirit, creativity and intentional experience...I feel more open, aware and grounded at all the same time. And all of the supportive plants and herbs that they make available through their beautiful shop are also pure magic...and make all of my ceremonies and rituals more intentional , yummy and beautiful. Thank you!!!