Energetic Protection

5 Tips for Energetic Protection:

Keeping your vessel clear and open



  1. Grounding 
  2. Accountability 
  3. Get Clear
  4. Protection Mist
  5. Cleansing


1. Grounding - Heart Connection

In order to maintain a clear and healthy energy body we need to stay centred and grounded. Use this simple practice to return to centre and connect to your heart. When we lead with the heart, what we need energetically is very clear and therefore our needs are more easily met. Doing this practice daily will help build a strong energetic foundation for heart-centred consciousness.

  • Stand comfortably with feet rooted on the ground, arms relaxed by your side.
  • Connect to your heart by breathing into the centre of your chest. Envision this area glowing with beautiful light.
  • As you exhale, sense the energy of your heart flowing down through your body, anchoring like roots and extending through the floor, the dirt, the rocks, the roots, the groundwater, etc, all the way until it reaches the centre of the earth.
  • Once you’ve reached the heart of the earth connect it to your heart by drawing the energy up on an inhale, back through all the layers of the earth until it lands in your heart.
  • Continue cycling the energy between your heart and the earth until you feel calm, centred and grounded. 


2. Accountability - Fill Your Cup

There’s an old saying that goes something like “ you are responsible for 100% of your 50% in a relationship.” What this is alluding to is the personal responsibility each individual has in a relationship. This includes romance, friendship, with plants, the unseen world, and even strangers. The goal here is to take care of ourselves as we need so we fill our own cup so much that our divinity and best selves overflow. When we are centred and nourished, we have the ability to give and share from an authentic place that isn’t depleting.

What nourishes your body? Your mind? Your spirit? Make a list of these things and prioritize one of them for the next moon cycle.


3. Get Clear - Know Your Boundaries

How can we maintain strong boundaries if we don't know what they are? Have you taken the time to think or write about what feels like an enthusiastic yes and what feels like a no? 

Getting clear on your boundaries is a process, an evolution; you are an organism that ebbs and flows and your boundaries will too. Spending time alone and cultivating your personal practice is an excellent tool. This allows you to regularly maintain and become aware of your own energetic field;  and uses your grounded heart perception as a guiding force. Knowing what is nourishing to you and what is depleting is a good sign of what your boundaries are. The more you get to know yourself, the clearer your boundaries become and the easier they are to maintain.


4. Protection Mist - Calling Upon Your Plant Allies

Despite our best efforts to maintain strong boundaries, there are moments in life when we need external support. That is why we created the Protection Mist. If you are a very sensitive person, you likely have experienced a sense of overwhelm from picking up on other energies around you. We created this spray especially to help sensitive people maintain clear energetic boundaries so you can feel clear, open and safe in your vessel. 

Some of our greatest allies in the realm of protection are Yarrow & Devil’s Club. We have formulated them here with a few other potent friends to keep you feeling safe enough to fully thrive.

Get a bottle of the Protection Mist here!

Why this Mist is so special!
Being the highly sensitive empathic beings that we are, we created the Protection Mist to help successfully navigate working closely with people. We've gotten feedback that it works successfully for all sorts of situations including everything from protection from entities / spirits to writing stressful emails!
This product is made once a year, in small batches while the cleavers are in their prime. Harvesting them fresh from the forest, we make a cleavers hydrosol and use it as the base. This ensures no unwanted energy can stick to you; if by chance anything does make it into your field past the shield of the devil’s club, yarrow and sage, it will simply slip right off.
The devil’s club is also something we harvest ourselves and takes lots of time and care to process. We’ve found this combination to be incredibly effective in keeping our vessels clear, open and secure.


5. Cleansing - Maintenance!

When it comes to feeling a strong in yourself, energetic hygiene is crucial. Regardless of your sensitivity, all human hearts emit an electromagnetic field that extends several feet outside of your body (some people say upwards of 10ft!) Meaning, when we are in close proximity to one another we are literally standing in someone else’s heart field. Deepending on our boundaries, it can be very easy to pick up energies that aren’t our own. That’s why we recommend a daily cleansing practice (either in the morning, and/or at night before bed) to release anything that you may have picked up throughout the day that isn’t yours. 

Whatever cleansing practice you have that feels good for you works. If you don’t have one, here are some ideas! Cleansing can be performed with water by literally having an intentional bath / shower; through smoke by burning an ethically sourced cleansing herb of your choice, mist / diffuser of essential oils, and movement ( shake it off!)


Other slightly more esoteric things you can work with are crystal grids, light shields, sigils, amulets and talismans. But we will leave it up to you to research those techniques! 

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