Aries in Medical Astrology & Herbalism

Astrological Blueprint

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Mode: Cardinal 

Element: Fire

Aries is often looked at as the sign of the warrior. As the first sign in the cycle of the zodiac, it holds the energy of the divine sparks of creation that bring initiation. This is the moment where consciousness first discovers its individuality. Aries brings with it great courage and strong will power. This sign is without a doubt intense, has a passion for adventure, and a primal need to act instinctively. Aries is ambitious, enthusiastic and as the first sign of the zodiac, holds an energy of youthfulness. 

When out of balance this archetype can be prone to burn out, anger, aggression, and impatience. 

In the body Aries corresponds to the head, adrenal glands, blood, iron, the febrile mechanism (fever system)

When out of balance Aries can express as inflammation, headaches, migraines, injuries / accidents, fever, seizures, adrenal fatigue, neurasthenia, poor digestive absorption, acute pain, overactive metabolism, challenges with sleep

Herbal Actions

Adaptogen, diffusive, diaphoretic, inflammation modulating, immune stimulant, nervine, stimulant, anti-allergic

Herbal Allies

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) : Adaptogenic Tonic Hepatoprotective, hepatorestorative, anti-tumor, stimulant. As a powerful adaptogen, Rhodiola is effective at countering mental and/or physical fatigue and exhaustion, making it useful for chronic fatigue. Mental and physical exhaustion are something we can see when the strong Martian energy of Aries pushes us too far. However, because Rhodiola is so stimulating, it can cause overstimulation in causes of extreme burn out and should be avoided in the early stages of recovery.  Generally though it is useful for performance enhancement, even helping athletes with physical endurance. It may also assist sexual function and promote a healthy libido in both sexes. 


Cayenne (Capsicum spp. C.frutescens, C.annuum, C.minimum) : Stimulant, Tonic – Digestive & Circulatory, Spasmolytic, Analgesic, Antiseptic, Diaphoretic, Rubefacient, Counter-irritant, Carminative. With Aries being ruled by Mars, it is definitely one of the spicier zodiac signs, making Cayenne a natural ally. Cayenne is a strong circulatory stimulant that  improves arterial blood supply, supporting the removal of toxins from cold and congested tissues. It can be surprising to learn that Cayenne actually has amazing pain relieving properties, which for Aries who is prone to inflammation and accidents. Capsaicin, an active constituent in Cayenne,  desensitizes the sensory nerve endings to pain stimulation by depleting Substance P from the nervous system, which is the basis for its use as a local analgesic. It is specifically used in the treatment of pain from neuralgia, shingles, migraines, and rheumatic pains. It is an effective diaphoretic that is widely applicable in the case of most fevers, infections and general cleansing.



Solanaceae allergy. Do not apply topically to broken skin ( unless you have nothing else available and are trying to stop the bleeding of a wound).  Should not be used in cases of hypertension, gastric hyperacidity, peptic ulceration, or on inflamed mucous membranes. 


Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) : Sedative, nervine tonic, antispasmodic, anticonvulsive, mild bitter, trophorestorative. Skullcap falls into the herbal allies with qualities that are antipathetic to Aries. It is one of our favourite Nervines, and is beneficial for nervous tension due to chronic stress, illness or exhaustion, and  for fatigue or exhaustion, and neurasthenia from chronic stress or illness, as well as depression. As a trophorestorative for the nervous system, it acts to nourish, renew and revive the central nervous system (not just calm it down). Skullcap is useful for insomnia (especially when it is caused by mental over-activity or worry), epilepsy, neuralgia & tremor. It is said that Skullcap gets its name from the fact that when you make a really strong tea it feels like you have a weighted cap on the top of your head. With Aries ruling the head, this seems like a nice pairing. It can also be eased to ease premenstrual tension and help with menstrual cramping. 


Nettle (Utrica dioica): The actions for Nettle Leaf are alterative, anti-allergic, anti-rheumatic, depurative, galactagogue, nutritive tonic, astringent, styptic, and diuretic. We see nettle corresponding to Aries largely through its morphology: it has sharp serrated leaves and stings the skin when you touch it. Interestingly enough, when used internally it is actually very supportive of chronic red itchy skin issues (like eczema) that are a result of accumulated toxins. As an alternative, nettle leaf helps cleanse the blood (which is ruled by Aries). Being rich in iron and Vitamin C, Nettle leaf is also useful in cases of anemia or other conditions of deep depletion. Aries is considered the Warrior with great strength and Nettle Leaf helps to fortify the body, making it a great ally. The root and seeds are also effective medicines- the root being effective in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and the seed is useful for supporting the adrenals and endocrine system. You can try our wildcrafted Nettle in our Nourishing Greens formula! 


Elderberry (Sambucus nigra): Berries- Anti-viral, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Laxative, Nutritive (high in Vit C & Bioflavonoids). Flowers- Diaphoretic, anti-catarrhal.  Both the flowering tops and berries are helpful for cold, coughs and flus. The berries in particular are antiviral, and are even helpful with stronger viruses like mono. As an expectorant, elder has an affinity for supporting the respiratory system. The flowering tops tone the mucous linings of the nose and throat, increasing their resistance to infection It is also useful for treating hayfever. As a diaphoretic, it can help one sweat out a fever. In addition to this, we see its morphological correspondence to Mars in its thorny branches. Mars plants love to take a space and make their presence known through spikes, smells, stings, etc. 


Tobacco (Nicotiana spp) : There is a lot to be said about tobacco, and many cultures around the world do use it medicinally. However, this month we are focusing on its use in a more ritual context. When it comes to making offerings, we have found that Mars loves Tobacco. And with that, it is a useful ally to work with when dealing with Mars like issues like boundaries, will, and courage. In many cultures tobacco is thought to be almost like a “hotline to spirit” … when tobacco is burning it is like a direct channel of communication to spirit, as such it is a good one when making a strong prayer or casting a strong spell by communicating clearly and directly from your seat of power to the entire life-force of creation. If you are working with tobacco through the form of a rolled smoke, we strongly suggest not inhaling the smoke and just puffing it out so it is a true offering.


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