Holiday Gift Guide


🌟 Holiday Gift Guide 🌟

In this day and age we all have at least a couple people we need to shop for that fit into these categories:

  • Health nut
  • Second home is the gym 
  • The granola outdoorsy type 
  • Spiritually inclined - astrology, tarot, human design, ritual 
  • Ones who are curious about this way of life... 

Tinctures and herbal medicine are something that each of these people would love. Something I try to do with my Christmas gifts is stay away from the "junk" as much as possible. Avoiding trinkets and gifts made of plastic. Getting people something they will actually use, and makes their life better. 

Another motivation for writing this list, my own history of receiving gifts that well... just missed the mark. Friends family and partners usually try to get you something you will absolutely LOVE, which usually involves them going to the nearest metaphysical shop and picking out something that closely resembles your interests. I have been the recipient of countless, incense cones, prayer flags and spoof tarot decks. 

While well intentioned, I would probably have chosen something different for my own practice. So here's the inspiration for this guide. As someone who has been in the worlds of mysticism and plant medicine for over a decade.. I give you a specifically curated list of gifts that will guarantee a smile on the face of your loved ones.  

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Last day to order in time for Christmas is Dec 16



Thanks for reading, being here and supporting small biz this season. The way you read the blog posts, newsletters and posts doesn't go unnoticed. There is so much gratitude there so thank you! 


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