Microdosing Protocols & Insights

There is a revolution afoot and we are delighted to be at the forefront of something so beautiful that has at its core the capacity to bring us home to the interdependent nature of life. While much of the world is opening up again, a deep collective wound has been highlighted in these times: the profound sense of separation and disconnection at the heart of the western society. The global lockdowns that have transpired only highlighted these issues, almost making a hyperbolized caricature of them. Yet there was a gift in this: now more than ever it is apparent how important and foundational the sense of connection is. For many cultivating deeper interdependence has become a priority.

The revolution mentioned earlier is the microdosing revolution. To learn more about what microdosing is, please read our blog post from earlier this year.  

As we continue our exploration of using microdosing as a tool for transformation, we wanted to share with you some insights that have proved to be helpful for our understanding of this form of healing.

As mentioned in our earlier post, microdosing has been effective in many instances for treating depression and anxiety, however its mechanisms for doing so seem to be different from typical pharmaceutical antidepressants. While SSRI’s and the like numb out our problems and feelings, microdosing with psilocybin actually highlights the deeper undercurrents of what is and isn’t working so that it can be addressed and integrated on psycho, spiritual and somatic levels. 

Please Note: We fully support you to use whatever treatment necessary- pharmaceutical or otherwise- that makes you feel empowered in your healing and coming home to self. We trust in each individual's judgement to know what is right for them. This post is meant to be but a sharing of observations. 

From TV, to pharmaceuticals, to over-packed work schedules, to alcohol and beyond, life is rigged with endless opportunities for disassociation. And while microdosing may seem like another pathway to simply “trip out” and ignore the undercurrents of your experience… it does exactly the opposite.

Despite what some may hope… it isn’t a magic pill that will wipe the slate clean of all inner challenging dynamics. In fact, it is likely going to begin to highlight what isn’t working and give you the courage and insight to move towards making space for more of what is. This is a path that requires patience and kindness to self.

Depending on the dosage and the individual, the effects can be more or less subtle. Generally though, they are on the more subtle side which is why it is best to pair this method with other forms of personal development tools like meditation, therapy / counselling, proper nutrition, exercise and journaling. This last one can be especially important as it provides a tangible space where you  can contemplate and reflect on your progress and actually see the changes. 

The beauty of this revolution is it can be sustained and forges a pathway towards deeply embodied authenticity. In other words, it works powerfully to dismantle patterns of disassociation.  While dissociative tendencies can be useful as short-term solutions they mostly result in deeper expressions of dis-ease.

As microdosing facilitates resensitization, it is important to note that repressed memories and emotions can arise and so please be sure to work with a qualified practitioner or have one lined up that you can reach out to should you need support. As the medicine of the mushrooms truly teaches how interdependent we are, it is crucial to remember that reaching out is often a humbling yet crucial part of the journey to feeling whole within ourselves. 

Furthermore, the metaphors that are encoded within the symbolism of mycelial nature are beautiful and appropriate. For those of you who are newer to myco-medicinals (myco being the latin prefix for mushrooms), the mycelium is essentially the vegetative part of the mushroom, that weaves together under the ground like the roots of trees. Paul Statmets has described this network as the internet of the forest as it is responsible for large portions of information exchanged in natural environments. 

How beautiful then is it that in a time when we as a people are largely feeling so disconnected, to be able to have a tool to tap into the vaster network of life by turning to the support of the mushrooms… whom in many ways literally weave the web of life together. 

Furthermore we want to acknowledge the stigma that has been associated with many plant medicines over the years, which in our opinion is a direct product of colonization. Like many keepers of earth wisdom around the world, even our European ancestors had the traditional knowledge of the plants stripped away from them with brutality and violence, rendering them colonized.

As such, the use of plant medicine for healing is only just trickling into the mainstream even though it is largely at the foundation of modern pharmacology. In an effort to boldly reclaim our right as beings of the earth, we honour our right to work with herbal allies that support greater wellness. In this way we create space for a greater sense belonging to the earthly environment. This is but one small act of decolonization but for us it feels important. 


Another beautiful metaphor encrypted in the wisdom of the mushrooms is their connection to the underworld. Most of the biological mass of mushrooms is actually underground, it is here in the mycelium where the bulk of the information and chemical exchange occurs. Through the doctrine of signatures we can observe how this medicine helps us navigate our personal underworld so we too can experience the radiance of our fruiting body. 

Lastly, we wanted to address the various protocols different folks have suggested. For beginners we like the Microdose Institute protocol of 1 day on 1 day off. This keeps things simple. This is the protocol we use in our group microdose journeys. We have found it to be a great entry point that creates positive, tangible, and lasting changes in the way we experience life. While this is a general recommendation, we understand that this isn’t the most effective approach for everyone and wanted to share some other effective protocols.











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