Pisces in Medical Astrology and Herbalism

Medical Astrology


Planetary ruler: Jupiter

Mode : Mutable

Element: Water


Archetypally Pisces is deeply connected to the primordial waters of creation. In the body this can be seen as corresponding to the lymphatic and immune systems (aka. internal waters). Naturally, when we think of waters of the body we also consider our blood. Pisces is connected to the blood, but more its condition than its patterns of circulation.


Traditionally, Pisces corresponds to the feet and toes. Some of the original medical astrology principles look at Aries as the head and work down the body, finishing with Pisces in the feet.


Pisces can also be associated with the Auric field, as this zodiac sign is deeply connected to the unseen, mystical realms, including the subtle body. If you look at the human aura as a toroidal field that starts at the feet and connects to the head, it mirrors Pisces as the final zodiac sign that brings us back once again to the start of the cycle of consciousness with Aries.


Herbal Actions


Astringent, diuretic, entheogen, immune tonic, immune stimulant, lymphatic, oneirogen, circulatory stimulant


Pisces Herbs


Astragalus (Astragalus propinquus): This herb is one of the classic go to's for strengthening ones immune-system. As an immune-modulator, adaptogen, and immune-stimulant, Astragalus can be amazingly supportive for building resistance in those whose systems have been weakened and are prone to recurring infections. It is best used as a tonic and is contraindicated in acute infections. Its diuretic and astringing qualities also support the correlation to Pisces.


Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) : A mystic's ally. This beautiful flower opens the minds eye and relaxes the body. It activates the third-eye center, attunes us to our sub-conscious, and opens our capacity for dreaming and pleasure. From the lense of Pisces, we particularly love blue lotus for enchancing dreams and practicing lucid dreaming. It is useful in meditation and other spiritual practices. For our Piscean psychonaughts out there... Blue lotus contains two primary psychoactive alkaloids : Apomorphine and Nucifrene. Apomorphine is a nonselective dopamine receptor agonist, activates serotonin receptors (working on the same 5HT2A axis as psilocin) and a-adrenergic receptors, and has sedative hypnotic and anti-spasmodic effects. Nuciferine is also an antagonist for many types of serotonin receptors and inhibits dopamine transporter. It is responsible for Blue Lotus's anti-convulsant, vasodialating, and anti-psychotic effects. Shop our blue lotus collection here!


Cedar (Thuja spp.) : This week we wanted to include to include an herb to support the auric field, an aspect of our astral body that is associated with Pisces. In the body cedar acts as an anti-viral, antifungal, depurative, expectorant, astringent, and diuretic. As a big strong tree, the Cedar spp. is distinctly Jupitarian,. It's high volatile oil content add to this. This high volatile oil content is one of the reasons it makes such a beautiful offering herb- it smells amazing. Cedar is incredibly soothing and can be used for energetic purification, blessings, and is incredible for offerings of all kinds. Like Jupiters expansive nature, it can take care of A LOT of different things. Including the purification of our auric field. For those who live where Cedar is abundant, it is common to find fallen branches, especially after windstorms.

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