The Scoop On Spring Cleansing

Every year when spring rolls around there is a massive trend towards doing cleanses. Whats up with that?

Over the winter (especially here in the Northern Hemisphere), as the climate cools down we spend more time inside, eating heavier foods and moving our bodies less. As a result we tend to accumulate what in Ayurveda is known as "ama," or un-metabolized waste. When spring rolls around and temperatures start to rise, this build up essentially starts to "melt", which can contribute to various illnesses that spring up around the turn of the season.

Supporting our body in purging these toxins is a super useful practice so we don't carry unnecessary waste into the new season. Spring cleansing is definitely a form of preventative medicine, and is useful as a form of general maintenance. Consider it like getting an oil change on your car- necessary to keep things running smooth!

However these days there are SO MANY different cleanse protocols it can be overwhelming to know which is right for you. Our general rule of thumb is to follow the guidance of your body and the weather. We also recommend doing some investigation into your health before jumping on a cleanse. A lot of cleanses are treatment protocols for various imbalances; so you need to make sure you are doing one that is actually good for you.

Your constitution is key here.  There are several ways to explore your constitution, an investigation to Ayurveda and the principles of medical astrology can reveal tons about the baseline of your body. Do you generally run hot or are you lean and often cold?  

The body is a complex system, and the organs are incredibly efficient at their jobs; sometimes using harsh herbs or extreme cleanses isn't necessary. We like to think of cleansing as supporting the innate intelligence of the body with gentle herbal support. In this way we are consistently using herbs to adapt  our state of being and the temperament of the season. If a health condition arises we implement a or more focused treatment plan. Say a candida cleanse, or heavy metal detox for example.

These are crucial factors to consider before you jump into a juice cleanse when you're already cold all the time and, despite spring equinox having come and gone there is still snow on the ground! As with any treatment for the body it's always crucial to make sure general recommendations are appropriate for you!

We love working with our Daily Detox formula in the springtime because while it is still cooling, it is gentle enough to support the body's systems of detoxification without being overwhelming in anyway. Paired with a simple diet, this can go along way.

This formula can be cooling though so if you are using it and its still chilly out be sure to be eating warm cooked foods or spicing things up with warming herbs like ginger.

Try our Daily Detox to support your body in a spring refresh!




Dandelion (Taraxacum officinalis)

  • Leaf (FOL): Diuretic. Stimulates removal of waste through the kidneys and urine.
  • Helps maintain mineral balance and high blood pressure
  • Root (RAD) : Helps move congestion and inflammation in the liver and gallbladder. Useful for  prevention of gallstones. Helps in elimination of toxins in liver and gallbladder.
  • When used together these can be useful for skin conditions and arthritic conditions.
  • Bitter taste stimulates digestive enzymes.


Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)

  • Protects the liver and its metabolic activities.
  • Can limit damage when liver is under intense stress (for example during chemotherapy).
  • Helps to restore and renew liver cells, speeding up recovery when damage has occurred.
  • Neutral temperature & very well tolerated by all constitutions.


Burdock (Arctium lappa)

  • Alterative used for general detoxification of liver, lymph, blood and skin.
  • Useful in treating septic conditions of the skin.
  • Burdock is unique in that it works well in treating both dry skin conditions as well as oily ones like acne.  Because burdock supports the channels of elimination, toxins are not able to get backed up onto the skin.
  • Supportive of rheumatic conditions (arthritis, fibromyalgia etc.) ; irritating metabolites can accumulate in the joints and burdock helps remove them.
  • Through its bitter action, burdock stimulates digestion function.
  • As a diuretic it is also useful in by purification through the urinary system. 



  • As a digestive bitter - Take 20 mins before meals to improve digestion. Especially useful for those who are tired after eating, if you know you'll eat something heavy, or if you eat something you are sensitive to.  As bitters produce digestive enzymes and stomach acid, it can make you hungry. This is perfect for those who struggle to eat breakfast. 


  • Hangover Helper - This trifecta of herbs is great for helping your liver process alcohol or other drugs/intoxicants/poisons. Always take it at the end of the night, when you are done partying and drink a big glass of water. You can also take it again in the morning to clear grogginess and and any lingering hangover feelings! 


  • Assistance to hormone balance  - Now this tincture alone will not balance your hormones. However, most people who are having wacky hormone symptoms have a backed up liver. The liver is responsible for creation and clearance of your hormones. A lot of hormone molecules are cholesterol and fat based and therefore are being processed by the liver. Taking care of the liver often decreases hormonal symptoms and helps you understand the root cause better. 


  • Seasonal Spring Cleanse - As mentioned above, spring is the time our body naturally lets go of what it has accumulated over the winter. We intentionally created this formula for this time of year. The gentle yet potent herbs support the natural intelligence of our organs of elimination. The liver, kidneys, skin and the lungs. We suggest using this formula for 1-4 weeks at the beginning of spring (Aries season) . This tincture also keeps us grounded in a hot fiery season, where there is the potential to be ungrounded.

If you are looking for a spring cleanse, or need some support making lifestyle changes our upcoming class series is for you. We are hosting the Nootropic Transformation starting on March 29th, 2021. A four week journey that begins with a light cleanse. Using the intelligence of plants and psilocybin microdoses you will gain the tools to re-pattern your habits and come into alignment with your life's purpose. Get more info HERE. There's only a couple spots left, as we want to keep the container small and intimate. 

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