Zoom Medical Herbalism With Laura - Testimonials

Medical Herbalism With Laura - Testimonials


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Medical Herbalism With Laura - Testimonials


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Vitality Custom Tincture

I am so happy with my vitality tincture that I made with Laura. I was having a lot of digestion issues still and this tincture works immediately for me in the morning when I’m having an upset stomach. Laura really listens to my needs specially when they change and is able to provide me the best custom tinctures every time I need some thing. I’ll be back thank you Laura

Laura <3

My health has always been really personal for me, and I felt very safe opening up to Laura about all the facets of my physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. It all seemed to relate back to how my body was processing my experiences, and what needed support. Laura was caring, grounded, and present with me, helping me really get at the root problems of things, and championing me on in my herbal growth. They wanted to know how the different formulas worked with my body, mind, and spirit. We targeted issues of emotional and spiritual overwhelm, disassociation, building the blood, protection, and grief. Laura's herbal knowledge was in depth; whenever I had a question about something, I could be sure that my question would be met. I would recommend them to anyone. They are incredibly thorough, kind, and helpful.


Laura is a gifted herbalist, an adept healer, and fundamentally just an all-around kind, generous, and super cool person. I’ve been working with Laura for four months now. I initially sought out an herbalist to help me with chronic hormonal imbalances and the effects of reproductive & sexual trauma. Laura was patient and understanding as I explained to them my struggles during our intake appointment. They asked thoughtful questions; the entire process was grounded and comprehensive. They were responsive to the (many!) questions I had. This same care and attentiveness was present during our follow-up appointment one month later and has persisted throughout our working relationship.

The herbal blends and teas Laura concocted for me have been potent and effective. Initially, my system underwent an adjustment period—Laura was incredibly supportive and present for me during this time. Once I got past this initial period, my whole system began rejoicing from the particular herbs Laura prescribed. I started to feel closer to the earth, more in tune with the non-human world. I can feel that slowly, my hormones are better regulating themselves, and my PCOS symptoms have become much more manageable. I trust that with more time, I will continue to see further improvements.

I also fully support House of Origins’ gender-inclusive mandate and the way in which Laura embodies this in their herbalism practice. I feel safe and seen by Laura, which is so, so important when healing reproductive & sexual trauma.

I highly recommend working with Laura and supporting their herbalism practice. Truly, they are a special person and a force of good in this world.

Feeling so good!

I feel like my physical, mental and spiritual health have all flourished lately. You were definitely part of getting that ball rolling so thank you Laura.

Found Relief

It was such a delight to have Laura advice me in a time of great confusion with my health. I had a skin condition that came from tearing stress and it made me self-conscious. To have her reassure me and give me functional advise boosted my confidence and aided my journey greatly. Her consistent studying comes through with ease and that made it easy to listen and learn from her.