Kinection Elixir: Take a Trip To Venus

What a pleasure it is to be writing about this lovely mix of herbs. Kinection Elixir is a sweet floral formula that will enliven and enchant any situation. We like to think of this blend as rose coloured glasses in a bottle; creating a luscious sense of euphoria and pleasure in both your body and expression. 

The Archetype of Venus

Many of us know Venus as the planet of love. This is true, and just like love, the qualities and teachings of Venus are vast. At the most basic level, in astrology Venus is about relationships, which includes so much more than just romantic love. The Venusian archetype encompasses your relationship to community, the natural world, the elements, inanimate objects and really all of life! When we are in a Venusian place we are co-creating beauty in all that we do, no matter the activity. 

The sexual and romantic associations with Venus speak to another aspect of creation that resides in this archetype. Our sexual essence is synonymous with our creative life giving energy or vital force. When we are in the realm of relationship, we encounter the blossoming of a third energy that is created through the relational exchange. Whether it is the combination of your hand and a paintbrush creating a painting, or the union of two people to make a third perspective; Venus helps us create and relate, resulting in our life force flowing into that which creates beauty in the world.

Venus in Astro-Herbalism

The qualities of Venus in astro-herbalism are: moist, cool, soft and relaxed. Plants associated with Venus often contain mucilage, are soft to the touch, and/or green/pink in colour. In astro-herbalism we talk a lot about sympathetic (increasing or same)  and antipathetic (decreasing or different) qualities of plants in relation to their planetary rulerships. For example you can have two herbs ruled by Venus; like Marshmallow and Rose. Marshmallow is sympathetic to Venusian qualities, it is cooling, contains mucilage and will make the internal environment more wet. Rose has astringent qualities which can be drying and have antipathy to Venus; meaning that it will help restrict the flow of moisture and tighten the tissues to keep the fluid balanced and in place. 

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Kinection Elixir 

Containing a mix of highly venusion herbs, our Kinection Elixir is without a doubt one of our sweetest and most luscious formulas. 

This is a multifaceted elixir, whose effects vary depending on your intention. Are you looking to socialize, make art or make love (to yourself or another!)? With Kinection elixir all is possible, just use your will to direct this sweet flow of energy. 

While this elixir is amazing on its own, we love to add it to cocktails or mocktails, especially those with grapefruit fizzy water as the base!

Here is a brief herbal profile of each of the herbs in this formula. As we come to understand how various archetypes are embodied in the psychological aspects and physical aspects within us, as well and in plants, we can come to know these archetypes more deeply and see how to work effectively with their various qualities.

Damiana: A warming aromatic herb that stimulates vitality and vibrancy, is relaxing to the nervous system, and brings circulation to the pelvic region. Damiana helps us feel at home in our bodies; she helps us feel confident in our expression and being seen. An amazing herb for growing our relationship to intimacy. The nervine quality of Damiana gives you a very uplifted feeling; some herbalists use it in the treatment of depression. 

This herb is potent and can help bring on delayed menstruation and increases sexual vigour in all people. 

Licorice: An easy example of a herb with Venusian qualities. In Chinese medicine Licorice is famed as the “harmonizer of formulas”; meaning that herbalists add it to blends so different herbs work together in synergy. This quality of Licorice speaks to the relational aspect of Venus, and how it increases the effectiveness of a formula while making it taste sweet and delicious! In the body Licorice is moistening, thanks to the mucilage content, another classic quality of a venus-type herb. 

Vanilla: This is another incredibly aromatic herb whose scent is almost intoxicating. Vanilla is mostly known as a cornerstone to most bakers flavour profiles, however it has more to offer than its delicious flavour. Vanilla is said to be anti-inflammatory as a result of its high antioxidant content. It also supports the cardiovascular system by lowering cholesterol and has been used traditionally in Mexico for gastrointestinal disorder.  It is also said to soothe stress, irritability and tension.

Rose: A delightful gift from Venus herself. Rose is a wonderful aromatic, uplifting and heart opening plant. Her slightly sweet and floral notes make any blend taste amazing. Rose is associated with many of the divine feminine archetypes like, Ishtar, Isis, and Aphrodite; and is often a symbol of love and perfected beauty. One version of the mythos is as Aphrodite emerged from the sea, roses grew from the foam. Another myth from before the time of Aphrodite, involves the prophet Mohammed. Some say as his tears and blood fell to the ground roses grew where the droplets touched the earth.

Rose in the body is astringent and strengthening, yet the strength is in the softness. Rose supports the integrity of the structure that holds the flowing nature of the body. Think veins and arteries, the digestive tract; and how these are structures that hold and allow movement inside them. Nicholas Culpepper, a famed herbalist from the 1600’s says that Rose “strengthens the heart, stomach and retentive faculty”; reducing heat, inflammation and swellings. We often think of Rose as such a simple plant, it is worth noting the persistence of cultural and medical use throughout the ages. We also see Rose’s correlation to Venus in that this herb is so common in beauty products. From rose hip oil, to rose petal serums this incredible flower imbues a luscious radiance into all it touches.  (Have you tried our Triple Rose Tincture, Rose Essence or Rose Powder? Each a drop of heaven in their own way!)

Hawthorn: An ally of the heart. Hawthorn leaf and flower improve the structure and function of the heart, with high flavonoids and vitamin C. Traditionally used as a tonic for the circulatory system and to lower blood pressure.  Like rose, hawthorn also teaches us the medicine of the thorn: there is no light without the darkness. With this understanding we can embrace that in the journey to reach  profound depths of love we will undoubtedly encounter our shadow through the reflection of another. This is why in astrology some say the sigil of venus actually looks like a hand-mirror, because in a relationship we act as mirrors to one another in such a way that eventually, through distillation, what we are reflecting is pure beauty. 


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