Unwind: Herbs For The Anxious, Wired & Tired

Has anxiety got you wound up to the point of nervous exhaustion? Are you up late stressing about your ever growing to-do list? Perplexed and worried about the state of the world? Or just generally feeling anxious or unable to rest to the point of being in a perpetual state of being wired and tired? 

We feel you. We've been there. 

What's Wired & Tired?
The wired and tired feeling comes from a combination of an overactive stress response and tension in the nervous system. Often these are busy "type A" people who work really hard and possibly over commit. In an ideal world our energy comes from a place of deep nourishment and internal vitality; where we have a balance of Yin (nourishing) and Yang (activation) from different sources.  Unfortunately we live in a very Yang or action / production centric world; where  resting and nourishing is less prioritized and seen as a luxury.

Over time this tip in the scales of bodily balance will cause the wired and tired picture; where you are often feeling unrested, tired and foggy in the day time; but when it comes time to sleep, ping! The brain is on and the thoughts are racing. Sound familiar?
Prolonged stress and inadequate sleep can lead to a HPA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal) axis imbalance. Ultimately disturbing cortisol levels and creating a dependance on the sympathetic stress cycle for energy. When we are here the body has stopped getting its energy from a place of nourishment; and relies on aspects of the stress response to keep you alert and functioning throughout the day.

How to calm those nerves
Learning how to nourish yourself and relax sounds simple right? In theory it is; but in practice it's a different story. Adding something to your routine or starting a new practice can be overwhelming, especially if you already feel depleted. You also need to take time and seek professional help when necessary, to understand how or why your HPA axis is off. See our medical herbalist Laura if you would like any guidance. That being said, there are little things you can do to greatly help calm those frayed nerves and tip the scales into nourishment. 
We created the Unwind tincture as a simple low stress solution to insomnia and anxiety. One of the beautiful aspects of herbal medicine is the versatility, and how one herb can be used for multiple issues. This is one of the strengths of the Unwind formula. It has two functions, reducing anxiety & helping you sleep and wake up feeling rested.

"I love the Unwind tincture because its easy to pop in my purse and use on the go. Its also an essential while travelling"

Thats why we created this multifaceted tincture to restore balance to the nervous system. One tincture for anxiety and insomnia.
Passion flower, Lavender, Skullcap & Vervain
A full does of this formula is used for sedation and sleep. Useful for those who have issues falling asleep and staying asleep. We also find it useful is drop doses for anxiety and panic disorders.  We have found this formula to be extremely useful in moments of overwhelm, panic attacks and in quitting smoking.  
Lavender: Lavender is relaxing to the nervous system and gently sedative. She is antispasmodic to nerves and muscles. Great for the overachievers, those with high standards of themselves and overthinking.
Skullcap: A bitter mint with cooling and sedative properties. This is a go to remedy for mild and chronic nerve issues from insomnia to fear and anxiety. Skullcap calms overactive senses that cause insomnia and anxiety.
Vervain: One of the most important plants to the Druids, is associated with Venus and Jupiter. Specific indications for Vervain are: anxiety,  type A personality, making lists, neck and shoulder tension; a feeling of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and digestive troubles disruption caused by stress from the gut-brain axis.

Passion flower: Associated with Venus and Neptune, this plant is calming to the nerves and sedative. Passion flower is excellent at adjusting thought patterns and indicated for those who have a hard time sleeping due to a busy mind or circling thoughts. Passionflower brings tranquility into our body and mind, creating an internal environment to get high quality rest. 
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